Where do you guys see livery design trends going on from here?

As stated above, where do you think livery design trends will be in the future. Don’t just say, idk. Give it some thought. Spew random ideas, I don’t care.

We’re currently in the Eurowhite era / minimalist era of logos and livery design. It’s irrefutable that a new trend take to the skies, but what will it be? Give some of your thoughts and ideas!

P.S. Don’t say I dOn’T KnOw.

I want Crome back

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I don’t think the minimalism idea is not going to die down all that much. The design culture has always been gravitating towards simplified logos and liveries, especially in such a digital age nowadays where vector graphics trump everything in terms of maintaining quality, practicality, reducing the reasons to pay graphic designers decent amounts, etc.


I think modern, minimalist fonts and bright pockets of color.

Same. I also want the return of pinstripes and darker colors for fuselages. Ex: Battleship Grey, American 1968, U.S. Airways navy, Northwest Bowling shoe, etc etc.

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True. Although, I do remember seeing a video about how a website said that older styles will likely comeback due to pure nostalgia. Kind of like how retro and vapor wave came back. And how some companies went back to old logos, such as Burger King.

Kind of like different older styles (corduroy, mullets etc) I think retro will come back. The farther we get from the 80s or whatever is “retro” the closer we get to them coming back

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I hope we can one day get better airline logos too. The classic AA, and Delta logos were amazing. No we have whatever the heck the flight symbol is.

How true! I definitely agree, especially on the Delta livery.

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Just bumping.

Also, #bringbackchrome

I dOn’T KnOw

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Liveries will stay mostly white due to fuel consumption reasons. However, they will also be quite vibrant in an effort to not look boring (for example, Alaska Airlines switched their black and white livery for a livery with more colors).

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