Where do you fly? (if you're a pilot)

I’m curious to see how many people here are private pilots, trainees for private and commercial, or who are commercial, and what fields you fly out from, and why you fly.

Me, I’m a trainee commercial
I fly out of elstree aerodrome when flying private
I use flying as a get-away, photography, and to fly my family and friends around the UK


Student pilot I fly out of KSGU.

I’m a commercial pilot. Finished my training last month at Bournemouth airport. Flew DA42 around the south from Exeter, Alderney, Cardiff, Bristol, oxford, and blackbushe. Did my ppl a while ago from Wycombe.

I fly out of KAPA, KDFW, KTYR, KDAL, KGGG, KSLR, KASL. Those are just a few. Im currently a Commercial Pilot with ASEL & AMEL with Instrument Rating. Currently working on CFI, MEI, & CFII add-on. Hardwork and determination pays off. Did a lot of my training in a C172R, American Champion 7ECA, and DA42’s.

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If gliders count

I am 15 so that’s what is closest to flying for me

I got my glider pilots license a couple of months ago

I normally fly out of EKOD and EKBI in Denmark

I fly because I want to be a commercial pilot when i get older and i just love the view from above

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Ia a commercial pilot and fly out of KFXE and KOPF. Sometimes X51

Trainee for PPL
I usually fly patterns or VFR’s around HPN. I’ve flown to scranton before though in a 172 :)

About to step into Flight School, departing out of OAK. And hope to catch laura there :)

Out of Warren Sugarbush Airport (0B7) in a Taylorcraft BC-12, or a Schweizer SGS 2-33A.

My favorite airport to fly to is 89D, Kelley’s Island in Ohio. It’s a small island in Lake Erie with a nice restaurant at the very end of the runway.

Private Pilot but working on instrument and commercial. I fly around NE Arkansas alot when I am home on the weekends.

I really hope I can fly out of SXM and land a B747 if I can be a Pilot someday 😄

What airline 747? KLM is done…

I don’t know, Maybe Private 747 If I can buy it ;)

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All I’ll say is good luck and call me if you’re able.

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Where do I fly? Well, usually in an airplane, although I am practicing the art of throwing myself at the ground and missing.


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