Where do you do the run up


So, I am doing my first GA flight in a while tomorrow. I am aware I should perform a run up for realism, but, where do I do that. I know how, or rather I have a checklist, and I know it’s “in a runup area”. But where will that area be or what will it look like?

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The run up area is different for every airport. Sometimes, you just hold short. Sometimes, you have to be parallel to the runway. If you’re looking for ultra realism, I’d look to see if you can see where the airport’s run up area is. If you can’t, I’d just hold short and do it there.

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Great thanks!

Can someone explain what a run up is

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Basically, I believe it is a check to make sure the engine is performing as it should do.

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like @InfiniteFlightDeck said it is where you check the engine, you check the flight controls (aileron, rudder, elevator) and make sure nav, ATC frequencies are set up for your flight, etc.

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The red circled area is an example of a run up area, but not every runway has this. As stated above, you can do it near the hold short as well. If you want extra realism points, angle your plane on the taxiway so that your propwash isn’t directed at planes behind you when you do your mag check.

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