Where do they go?

usually I have no problem finding the ATC Schedule because it is globally pinned but every few weeks it seems like it is not and I cant not ever find it until someone links it. I searched for “Atc schedule”, and the specific dates but nothing comes up.

Here you go!

Just pin it at the bottom.

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on a side not can someone help me out and tell me the closest airport to Addis Ababa that has service to the west cost of south America?

Sometimes the ATC schedules get accidentally unpinned. It’s completely normal and is normally pinned at the top of the #atc category.

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Probably Johannesburg to São Paulo, Lima and Santiago don’t have African service

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I am flying from FOAR right now to burn some time , en route to addis ababa right now because they also have a flight to San Paulo but I want an airport that has service to the west coast, not the east. I am surprised that Doha and Dubai dont

Emirates has this route on the 77L:


Ethiopian Flies to São Paulo from Addis.

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Also if your having trouble finding the ATC schedule it’s one of 3 featured topics in the ATC category right at the top

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Probably Doha or something.

For all your routing needs I suggest finding the route and airline here

Then searching up on google the route or finding the flight number on Google which you can then search and open on FR24.

We are not your daily dose of Google Search Engines. I’m pretty sure no more than 5 minutes would get you the full details to any flight. 🙃


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