Where do the voices I hear come from?

Now that the title has got you thinking, I mean is the ATC/UNICOM/CTAF voice pronunciations part of the game or does it use the Android/iOS of your particular device?

I know you can now change the voices within the game but I was wondering if a few nitpicking pronunciations could be fixed like “regional” vs “R-G-N-L” or the correct pronunciation of “Endeavor”. I’m sure there’s a lot more examples.

Are these relatively easy fixes or actually hard and time consuming?

On iOS, you can add pronunciations by going to, Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Speech -> Pronunciations.
You can create whatever combination of letters and spaces to get the output desired with whatever voice pack you use.

Not sure how to do that on Android, if you can. I can’t find anything built into the settings. Maybe a 3rd party app required?


Android has it in the settings. I will update how to get to it when I an home in a few minutes

Edit: settings live and the bottom 2 options

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