Where do people fly from CYTZ

im not canadian nor have i ever lived in canada so can someone tell me where do flights out of CYTZ go and what planes can fly there.

flight aware gave me nothing


According to Wikipedia,

I’m sure you could find more routes by searching more specifically too.


To add on to the aircraft, Only prop planes are permitted to operate into CYTZ due to noise regulations.


I believe that porter flies from and to KEWR

I believe this is because no one flying out of YTZ at the moment maybe because of covid but idk.

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KMDW-CYTZ using Dash-8 Porter is a cool route.

Other routes: http://info.flightmapper.net/airport/YTZ

I have seen a few Cessna 172’s

On Flightradar24

Air Canada isn’t operating to Montreal, and Porter isn’t operating until June 21st because of COVID :)

Shame with YTZ buildings, but time will be the game to play!


CYTZ is the main hub of Porter Airlines and air cañada flies there but it’s longest runway is only like 5000 ft and only turboprops fly in there

Still wondering why they added CYTZ instead of CYYZ. But as long as it’s buildings, I’m okay with it.

It is a small airport, class Delta. It is interesting to see what buildings look like in airports of this type, to have variety.

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