Where do I vote

Quick question. How do I request a new livery?

You can vote in the #features category.

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I’ve had a look and you’re only trust level 1 (TL1), you need to be TL2 to create a feature category. Just keep posting, liking and replying and you’ll get TL2 in no time.

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Is it possible that someone could request a vote on my behalf? I’m voting for Jetbkue sports liveries, like the jets, Red Sox, Celtics etc

No unfortunately, otherwise there wouldn’t be a trust level system.

Hi there! I believe this would fall under “special liveries”
According to the features Features Category Guidelines, special liveries will not make it into the sim.

You can find this by looking at the aircraft liveries section. It states this: “Feature requests may not be created for temporary or special liveries”


Hello, just use #features, and youre post needs to be approved by mods.

Unfortunately I’m not at tl2

Be here for a time, and you’ll reach it!

Just keep liking and posting and you will get there in no time! :)

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