Where do I see the transition level of the airport?

When I’m working at a etc tower controller. Where do find the transitionlevel for my airspace?


I mean ATC tower controller. Not ETC :-)

The Airspaces in Infinite Flight extend all to 5000 feet, the individuel heights had been removed

5000 feet everywhere in IF

So 5000ft AGL everywhere in Infinity Flight. All planes lower than 5000, shall request a permission.

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that’s right

Here you go

IF airspaces used to have different heights, but they were too complicated so airspaces have now been changed to a standard 5000 feet AGL.

There should be a little pencil like button on the bottom right of your post. When you click it, you can edit your post. :) And every airport in IF has their airspace up to 5,000 feet.

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