Where do I report wrong parts of airplane

I am pretty sure that won’t happen. The only thing they did was increase the polygons in the engine which made it rounder… sound, cabin are a whole lot different and difficult.

we will never know

Wait what? 787 gear tilted? WHAAAT?

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When the 787 gear is put down, it will tilt, then move itself into a straight flat position. Sad it isn’t animated to remain tilted.

It’s just a trick where you pause the game when you are extending the gear.

oh god, ok…

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i know but i caught this photo and it looked nice so i though maybe this is what the 787 gear tilt would look like

hmmm why would they add the animation of the gear tilt if theirs no gear tilt ? maybe in the future they will make the 787 have gear tilt

i would be happy when 787 have rework…

yess it would but they will probably do the 787-8 first then they will do the others like how they did the 772 and just made it longer

lol i don’t think so…

? why not its smarter to rework the smaller variant so when you do the longer variant it would take less time to rework

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