Where do I find the amount of ghosting I’ve had overall not within a certain time period

Where can I find my ghostings and other violations from all time not just over a certain period of time. I’ve been kicked from the expert server and I’ve flown on the expert server multiple times and have had no issue with what controllers have said. I’d like to know how many of each violation total I have

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Is there a way to use liveflight to see the total number of ghosts? According to LF, it only shows for the last three days.

No, there is no possible way to do that

That sucks. A lot of people have been asking about that.

I have 7 ghosting in past 365 days. I would like to know when I can get back on expert. When was my last ghosting. I can’t remember my last ghosting it was a while ago maybe start of year

If you want to know how many ghosting you have try logging on to expert. It will tell you there

There is currently no way of knowing how many total ghosts you’ve had unless if your restricted to Expert Server it will display the reason and the total number of ghosts in that timeframe.

The devs are following the feedback. There may be a way to see it somehow in the future but for now there is not.

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