Where do I find find the How-To Procedures for Edit/Chg/Move etc

Looked for the Link that provides guidance and procedures for Dittling with posts. Where do I Find Them Max

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There’s a little pen at the end of the post title. Click that and you can edit post titles and categories


Thanks Boeing for the how-to on the pen… How about changing Categories as you did for me today. What’s the step by step.
Last is there a How To for these type procedures hidden in the lounge program? Regards, Max

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I wish there was Max, Sometimes I can be rather undecided in which category a topic fits in… :) ;)

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Find the blue thig I circled:

Click that thing.

Now you will get this:

Click the “Lounge” text and you will get this:

select any category you desire ^^.

To finalize it, click rhe blue check box

AFAIK, there is no how-to guide to do these things. That’s something the mods can make. Maybe if I have time later tonight, I’ll make one.


Thank you so much for taking the time. I will “Cherish” this seriously! “the kindness of strangers will always be rewarded”. Your Friend, Max

Wise words Max :) ;)

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Pretty much associated with the forum. Moved it to Meta