Where do I begin?

Jus added online to this great app, but I really dk what to do, kinda getting an idea, but it’s still very vague. I’m lost as far as the technical and terminology aspects. I mean , I know how to fly…landings r always an issue, but I usually get whatever I’m flying on the ground. I’ve got xplane too, on my iPad and comp, but the comp version is so difficult to learn I jus stick with the iPad app. Guess what I’m saying is, I need help. R there tutorials, I’ve noticed a page with nothin but tutorials I think, but I 4got how I got there…lol. A mentor would be awesome. If anyone can point me in the right direction, would gr8ly appreciate it. It sounds like y’all have a group community, and a lot of fun, and I’d like to be a part of it.

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Their are tutorials on the Infinite Flight YouTube page. @Mark_Denton can help you if you don’t understand the videos or have any questions. :)

To know the basics about the speeds, check here: Vspeeds, stall speeds and maneuvering speeds for IF aircraft.

@Brit1… Baby Steps. Top of Forum Main Page, upper left there is a box that contains a catalog in a box. Tap it for a list of categories. On the Right top there is a Magnifying Glass which give you a catalog of archived topic like “flying an ILS approach”, enter the search term a list of Topics will appear. Select one and tap it. See the Infinite Flight YouTube Channel for Video tutorial. Hope this helps some, Regards, Max

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Here’s a good topic B737 Tutorial | Infinite Flight Beginners

One more suggestion, go Casual until you are comfortable, you won’t get tagged for things like speed, standing still on runways, etc. in the mean time fly on!!

1st off let me say, y’all have a great community, not group community…lol, which is kinda redundant, that’s what u get when u let ur predictive txt run amok. So, y’all have A GREAT COMMUNITY.
n it shows too, thx to everyone who replied, every one was helpful, and I’m gonna check out the utube page this weekend. I was thinking there was like a list of stuff u had to do to progress…to level up, for lack of a better term. I jus subscribed y’day, I’ve had infinite flight forever, n was always curious bout the stuff that was bein posted. The only real experience I’ve had with online flying was an Xbox game called ace combat6 and Hawks, and if ne of y’all have ever played either of those, u know exactly what I’m talkin bout…If u like flying n circles, then those r the games 4 ya. Hawks was actually better, but u always ended up flyin n circles.the campaigns were pretty good. Ne way, off topic…sorry.
Flight sims and flight games r diff animals entirely, radically different.
Some of the stuff y’all suggested I picked up in the xplane tutorials(vor, ils and basic stuff to get u n the air, n get u back down). They have challenges as well, which I’m sure y’all r all familiar with, and r very helpful n accomplishing what ur tryin to do. Until their last update ne way, which pretty much wrecked the entire mobile app.
So, I’m gonna take the advice of all u guys, n jus experiment, possibly join some groups, n enjoy this great app, I’ve always thought it was superior to xplane n most ways. The scenery, the graphics, rendering…the detail that went n2 this app is epic. Speaking of detail, I fly the 757 a lot, it my fav airliner, and I was wondering, it sounds like diff airliners have diff engine sounds, does ne 1 know if the 757-300 has a rolls, ge or Pratt n Whitney engines. The rb211 is the best sounding engine Imo , n it kinda sounds like it, but I’m thinking its a ge or pnw, or is it jus a generic jet engine reproduction?
Thx, and can’t w8 to fly with all of ya.


Welcome to the forums @Brit1!😄 As someone mentioned above check out IF YouTube page @Mark_Denton flying tutorials.

Generic jet.

Hi there @Brit1! A very happy welcome to the forums from all community members, I hope you enjoy your time here!

Honestly, if you need to know anything at all, from tutorials to general support, give your question a type in the search bar, more that likely there’ll be numerous topics on it.

Warm Welcomes,


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Thx Oscar, and thx for the welcome and the advice. Looking forward to becoming a part of this community, on the ground as well as in the air. ;)

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Thx, guess I could call u Brit too. It’s funny, everyone asks me if I’m British bc of my name(Brit), I think it’s the lack of 2 t’s, in my name. Gonna take advantage of everything I can, thx for the help!;))

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