Where did you go, the first time you ever flew on an airplane?

From what my parents told me, it was
MHT-MCO on I think on Southwest or another airline. Not really sure, but what I do remember was flying Delta from BOS-ATL-SAL and back.

KLAX to EHAM ( Los Angeles to Amsterdam)
KLM first class


was like 4

Iberia A320, only 6 passengers on board.
Year 1991.

Your format:

LFSB/Switzerland - EDDN/Germany

More details:

  • Route: LFSB (Basel, Switzerland) - EDDN (Nuremberg, Germany)

  • Distance: 336km/181nm

  • Date: February 04th, 1998

  • Flight: LX556 (Crossair (today known as SWISS))

  • Plane: Saab 340 (Registration HB-AKF)

  • My age at the time: 23 days (apparently from what my mom told me, I never cried onboard a plane when I was a baby. I always loved it. That never changed)


LGAV-LATI 286 nm


Kenya 737-200

KIAD/Washington-MMMX/Mexico City

Apparently it was RDU to Newark

From Louisville to Dulles via Atlanta stopover. Both flights on MD-88s. That was in 2007 when I was just a kid

New York-Punta Cana in a Delta 737
It was in 2013, so I was 7 at the time

Happens to be I don’t rlly remember we’re I went or what airline or how old I was (I’m assuming abt 56 months old)(or maybe even younger) and I fly a lot also (I’m on a plane like 12 times a year)(there and back ) so it’s not rlly so special when I go on a plane

HSIA (Hazrat Shajalal int. airport) to BKK in a thai airways 777-200er
I was under 3yrs old.

Toronto to London,Uk
Long time ago

KORD-KEWR was my first flight back in ‘86. I flew solo as an 11 year old and remember getting extra special treatment. I’m pretty sure this was also when people could still light up cigarettes in a tube filled with big hair drenched in aquanet and polyester draped travelers. I don’t know how we made it through some of those years.

I’m fortunate enough to puff in the cabin in the old days, loved it ;)


Most likely from ESSA to EDDF for a connecting flight to KBOS in February of 2004.

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