Where did you go, the first time you ever flew on an airplane?

Another IRL topic to keep you going, could you post in this format please, use IF map for distance. Looking forward to see crazy trips.

VOMM/India - VABB/India

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I personally have no clue, but it probably was:

1057 nmi

SAA A340-600
16 Hours
I believe I was 2 or 3 years old

Shannon-Faro Portugal family holiday when I was small 2hr flight.

Lucky you don’t remember how much hustle you given to your parents on 16hr flight :)

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I dont remember lol
But my mom always talks about how I was such a good child on those flights compared to other children. She says I never cried or fussed about anything

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KLAX-EGLL onboard the BA 744 for Thanksgiving 2003

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EIDW - TUPJ. I was 6 weeks old and that was my first flight.

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EGPD (Aberdeen, UK) to LFPG (Paris, France)
I was 4 months old and the flight is 1 and a half hours. 1400km is roughly the distance between the 2 cities.

My first flight was when I was 6 weeks old. We went to New York because my parents are both physicians and were going to an annual conference.


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Wish I was like that when I was little 😂

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Wow, that’s pretty good for a child on a plane! There was one time I was on an AirTran flight when I was pretty young and I happened to be seated in the row without a window. I was angry and I ruined the flight for my parents and the guy in the set in front of me.

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I think it is ENTC-ENGM at around 600 NM

im too lazy to check

KLAX-KDTW 1717NM. Pretty sure this was my first flight I was probably like 5 months old 😂

KDCA-KMIA (then continued on KMIA-MROC)
I believe I was 5 or 6

KCLT- KDTW… The on the way back had to connect to Illinois on a E145 then to KCLT
I was 4

Since I was born in L.A, I guess it is KLAX-WMKK-RCTP on Malaysian Airlines.

KPHL to KFLL to go on a cruise

My first flight was a 13 hour flight from EGLL- FIMP. 5355nm!

KEWR to MMUN (Cancun, Mexico). Spring break!

(I initially wrote KJFK, but I forgot we changed to Newark because Kennedy had no direct flights at the time.)