Where did the runway go?

Im just at hong kong rn and one of the runways are gone what is up with that?

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It is gone in real life as well. It’s under construction.

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How come whats going on?

Building a 3rd runway as you can see at the top of the image you provided.

Airport expansion

On the new runway?

They might be building it in a new location, like LAX did with 25L many years ago

What do u mean?

Moving the runway a bit to the north

Edit: btw I don’t know for sure if this is the case, but maybe it is

It was already in game infinite flight must of had to remove it fast?

Like closer to the other runway?

Exactly. Idk for sure though

Because it’s under construction.

Oh ok cool

Ye weard was a bit confused when i loaded in😭😂

Is there any article or something where someone said why 25C is under construction?

Idk im not sure

Increased airport traffic with the addition of the new runway. They are also redeveloping Terminal 2.

Apparently for “reconfiguration” so maybe they’re building it in a new spot

Awesome, ty