Where did the moon go

Is it just me, or have the moons in replays just suddenly disappear?? Im in replay mode and literally cant find the moon

Moon location is like in real life, I’m not sure if moon is visible tonight

Set time to night, and change the date

You can change the timing of your replay and it should show.

hmm weird, cause im over Denver and i see the moon outside but not in the game

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The timing is night in the game

Set time to “Current Time” if it is not already on that.

It is still no moon

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to find, due to stars being about the same size in-game. I would recommend using the “tail” cam view, and search around from there.

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Weird 🤔

I don’t think this is the answer, because is not a moonshot
Moonshot help

I sometimes struggle to even find the sun cause for some reason every time I point the camera up I get lost. You might be having a similar problem with the moon.

Does your flight take place where you live? When I see the moon in Kuwait, most likely it is not visible in the US for instance. The Earth IS round 😉.

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