Where did the IFATC schedule go?

Hello there!

I have been away from IF for sometime now I am getting into again after a 4 month break!
I see that the IFATC schedule has disappeared for the last few weeks, where is it?

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Welcome back buddy, there’s been a bit of a spruce up in the IFATC department, there’s a really handy blog post that explains a lot of it:

Schedules have been removed in favour of the new region assignment system. Hope this is of some use 🙂


It was run for 2 or 3 months i guess. Where are you?🤔

Hey there!

The ATC schedule is gone. Controllers are now allowed to open airport at a specific region, so we have worldwide ATC coverage.

My explanation is not the best, but for more information please read this article in which Tyler explains this.

24/7 all around the world? That is great! Thank you very much

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