Where did the FNF NOTAMS go?

For the past few months, FNF NOTAM procedures have been disappearing for the Expert server. The only thing about procedures I’ve seen is Ghosting will be enforced.Why have they gone away? Would anyone like to have them back?

p.s I didnt know what category this should go in

Many didnt follow them so they just went poof

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wow… I think if they implemented them back in, non forum users would be able to see themfrom the IF menu would they not?

And the regions of the week, I really liked both.

I think there were device issues where not everyone saw red circles.

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While Mark does do a great job in sorting these out with historical events, I would love to see NOTAMS or stuff to spice it up back.

Unfortunately not everyone follows these, partially becasue not everyone knows about them. You may have seen the TFRs up for the 747 in Seattle a bit ago. They are the solution IMO, but the problem was this time was that Droid users could not see them.


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