Where did the airport go?

On final and the airport disappeared…spawned in again and still not there. This is on spelt server a few minutes ago.

Sorry expert server KSAN

Have you tried to clear scenery cache?
Clearing scenery cache and restarting your flight should help

Just tried that and same problem. Left SNA and no problem until I got closer

have you restarted infinite flight?

Several times. It only appears to be that airport, at least within a close proximity

Hi, maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

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Maybe try restarting your internet connection.

I have seen that the Global server is going in and out so that may have to do with it.

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Ok thanks everyone for the assistance. I will be back later and will see if it is resolved.

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To summarize the steps people have listed above:

  1. Clearing the scenery cache
  2. Try restarting your device
  3. Reinstalling infinite flight
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I have had this happen a couple of times as well. I have cleared the scenery cache, I have restarted my device and I have reinstalled the application and I still see this happening at random locations and at random times. And only while I am landing.

  • Does this happen only at this airports or other ones as well?
  • How often does it happen if you can recall the amount of times it occurs?
  • Does this happen on all servers?

Is this on Solo also?

I’ll have to check later as I am headed to San Jose now. Hopefully the runway is there when I arrive!

I checked up on KSAN and from my view, the runway, terminal, gates, every thing was there. But do check on your way back to see if it was temporary glitch or if it persists :)

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Try to clear the cache and enter the scenery with good network connection.

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