Where did Suvarnabhumi go?

I never had this bug happen before.

I was on approach to VTBS from OMDB. I noticed that the airport layout and runway lights didn’t load yet. Peculiar, I thought, but continued the approach anyways, hopingthat it will fix soon. Once landing the plane, it still didn’t even load. I ended the flight immediately and checked the replay and sure enough, the layout didn’t load at all. My map had indicated that I am on the runway, but all I see is just flattened and distorted google maps images.

Most bizarrely, I had passed Bangkok’s other airport, Don Mueang, and that airport had its layout and runway lights on full display, when checked back on replay, the airport and runway lights were gone. Anyone wanna explain?

Same location and map screenshots:

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Sorry about this, it’s due to a bug with airport loading. We just pushed a hotfix this morning, be sure to update when it becomes available on your device’s store:


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