Where Did my VA/VO List Go?

Hello everyone!

I just noticed that my long VA list isn’t on my profile. I didn’t get rid of the list.


It’s under VO now it appears

I saw that 10 minutes ago. But I do not know what can be the reason. Others still have such lists.

I believe it just comes up as virtual organization and not virtual airline if I’m not mistaken for now.

No, it’s his callsign list.

I’m saying if he wants to find the list of VAs to put in his profile, they’re under the category Virtual Organizations.

So, then before I fly a VA flight after 20.2 comes out, I have to change what VA I’m in for every flight I fly with that VA/VO? In order to use the callsign

Yes, I think so. But I don’t think to change the callsign.

However, I believe that this change was made by someone Manuel, as your General Abiation callsign is still there. I can be wrong.

Looks like VAs and VOs now appear under one section now.

Pretty sure, from now on you can only display one VA/VO at a time.

I would just be patient. They’re probably gonna make an announcement or something about everything that happening. Thanks!

Which is so inconvenient

Now this is going to make a difference in what displays as my display name once that feature rolls out. What is going on?

Display names are a thing of the past. Once you link your IFC to IF, what you currently have set as your VO/VA is what will be displayed in brackets next to your profile name.

I’m aware; I’m just saying that it’s unfortunate that I can’t even display my VA and IFATC at the same time. Which one I choose also effects what my display name would be.

Philippe did say this methodology will be worked on in a future release, so there’s some hope. For now, it’s more or less a temporary solution.

They are making this much more complicated than it used to be. They’re basically forcing people to sign up for the community in order to have a display name, in order to be part of a virtual airline.

That was already a requirement. It’s no different right now.

Then again if they are changing this right now for the future callsign change, then the update must be around the corner. But I think they changed this for the upcoming update. But idk 🤷‍♂️