where did IFATC go at VIDP?

what happened to atc at VIDP? is it a transition between controllers if any one knows that would be good info thank u very much :)

VIDP has been closed for the past hour


smh when I left VABB they were still there and I just checked they gone lol

IFATC is like any one of us. They control when they want, they are humans, not bots. They control when they feel like it.


true forgot about that

@haitianpilot44 there you go! VIDP was just opened

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ye I jus looked thanks bro and thank IFATC lol

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Wonder who has it opened. 👀


Yeah his name is the all mighty @Darius_Glover


@Darius_Glover thanks bro even tho I almost stalled on short final XD

I wasn’t watching. 🤫🤐

I’ll be pushing back soon for VECC so get ready lol

@DeltaONE don’t leave VECC yet bro loool

Might be best to turn around and divert then

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