Where did Flybe fly to

I have a question where did Flybe fly to?

Can someone help me!

I’m not exactly sure what your question means, but irl Flybe is now non-existent as it went out of business because of economic issues.

Like I mean what routes did they fly

They flew mostly regional routes. From in the and around the UK, to Ireland. With some short haul routes to other parts of mainland Europe.

Okay what about out of London City, Manchester, or Birmingham etc.

Here is a list of all their destinations from Wikipedia:


They flew to Shannon,Ireland Dublin,Ireland London Gatwick, England and Heathrow,England they also flew to west knock intl, Ireland

Flybe was kinda like the Wideroe of the UK, it served the lesser known locations of the UK, it allowed for smaller community’s to get connected to the rest of the world.

@HiFlyer I looked at that already

Yeah I really don’t know because I don’t live in the UK

Did they fly from EGLC to EGCC?


Might be a bit outdated…

I believe they did.

Well did they fly to any of the featured airports for IFATC to EGCC??

They flew to Split? Didn’t know that!

Jersey to EGCC.

I’m from Galway so that’s outdated Galway airport is a museum now it closed around 10 years ago so yeah that map is outdated.

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