Where did everyone go !?

Seems the vast majority of subscribers are taking some time off, ie. when logging on, rather than several ports all over the globe there are;at best,only one or two active ATC. What’s up? Just curious !

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Being a controller is a voluntary job by our amazing IFATC Group, they control when they have time as they have lives to live as well, if you would like to see some ATC I suggest comming at Peek Hours of the day :).


Uhm… Why is there a picture unrelated to your question? Lol


If you are referencing the expert server then here is your explanation. Tyler puts out a weekly schedule for everyone to enjoy.


Wrong pic? Haha :P

I’ve been taking a break from flying, I find that although it is great to fly on global its not as easy, especially with schedules to fit. I’m also currently abroad, flying on IF is an issue when theres barely any connection in the mountainous regions.

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Controllers can go on when they have time. Since the minimum age requirement to be an expert server controller is 14 years old, some of our controllers probably have to prepare for finals.


Come on out to get the FedEx party started at KIND! It’ll be on TS1, but you’ll get some good service there.
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Just spawned in! FedEx 127

On Expert, you have to take a exam to be able to control there. So there isn’t too many people able to control there, so everyday there are hub cities where ATC have to control fully before able to chose anywhere else.

On Training Server, alot of people don’t want to control and instead just fly because not alot of people follow instructions properly there. Also when people want to start controlling on TS1 most of them go to the busy airports like EGLL, KLAX, KJFK etc. which results in the rest of the cities getting little to no traffic.

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