Where could Air New Zealand Expand to?

Air New Zealand is my favorite airline and I would love for it to become a bigger airline im wondering where could it expand to?


I think Denpasar/Kuala Lumpur in the future, In my opinion, DPS-AKL/KUL-AKL may be a very profitable routen especially during vacation season

i think not many kiwi people would go to bali. after all it is such a cold nation

Dubai would be a a good place to expand to. However, Im not sure how profitable it would be since Emirates offers 4 flights a day to Auckland on A380s


well ANZ are just as good as EKK. plus, they do have the stunning liveried 777-300ERs and they could paint more of them in all blacks liveries. it would be a really good investment as in the summer months the dubai people would want to escape to the cold, Kiwi Style

4 flights to 1 isn’t a good way to compete though. Emirates though could easily cut airfares since they have more seats available. I’m all for them flying to Dubai its a strong destination to have flights to. however, I just question how profitable it would be.


wouldn’t they make more than 1 flight a day?? also they could operate from more destinations such as christchurch and wellington. if emirates cut airfares they would have to cut corners with other routes to keep the airline profitable, and the service might not be as good

Unfortunately in order to offer more than 1 flight per day ANZ would have to purchase a few more aircraft. They have a diverse long haul route but they do not have many available aircraft to add another route with more than one flight per day.

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I think they should begin flyin to large cities in Central Asia like HongKong or Signapore


they fly to those cites already (:

My bad then I thing the should get some larger planes then

they have 777-300ER planes (:

I me at like A380 's I mean just imagine their first class

I don’t think there is a need for them to expand, their partnerships within Star Alliance allow them to serve a diverse network without having to add more flights in a very challenging Asia-Pacific market which will dilute yields.

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I think My country is too “Cold hearted” duh :P

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