Where can you see your status?

Where can you see this in your account?:

  • You now need to have visited this site 60 out of the last 90 days to be (or remain) a regular (up from 50 out of 100)
  • You need to have viewed 500 topics all time (up from 200)
  • You need to have read 1000 posts all time (up from 500)
  • You must not have more than 2 flags from 2 different users in the past 90 days (down from 3 flags from 3 different users in the past 100 days)

To get regular.

In your summary :)


do you know where to see your flags summary?

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Nope, you gotta PM a mod for that…


Thanks! …

thank you…

@Carson Enlighten Sudafly please

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@buzzlightyear @Alan_Perez, @Takyoff needs to ask a mod for TL3 requirements

What does that mean

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