Where can you feel the most turbulence on a plane?

I always go for the back of the plane and I have felt pretty good turbulence, but also have heard people say they can feel it really well in the front. Can it depend on the aircraft as well? Whether its small (crj200) medium (737-900) or large (777)?

Yes, Larger aircraft in the front usually have less turbulence, whilst smaller its rougher in the front

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ooo okay okay. I was gonna do my seat in the front on the MAX9 but for a seat up front on United its around 65USD… so i went with the back 39A (Window) with it only being 16. Maybe I’ll try it on the way back. Thanks!

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sit in 9A or F


You should feel it most the further you are from the center of mass of the aircraft.

That’s because any rotational movement associated with the turbulence uses the center of mass as the pivot point.

The further you are from the center of mass (around the wing area) pivot, the more you will seesaw up and down from pitch bouncing.

I believe the length of the aircraft usually extends more to the rear than to the front of the center of mass.

So, you’ll feel turbulence more the further you move to the front.

But because the back extends further from the center of mass, the back seats feel it most.

“Sometimes we’ll be in the cockpit going through a little bit of bumpiness and we’ll get a call from the flight attendant in the aft galley asking us to put the seatbelt sign on because it’s really bumpy in the back”
The Truth About Turbulence: What Passengers Should Know (thepointsguy.co.uk)


The general rule of thumb is that the closer you are to the wing, the less turbulence.

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