Where can we expect ATC tomorrow?


As you know guys tomorrow it’s the ATC choice to choose which airport they want to control but there is one condition this airport should be serviced by emirates, so I thought why not to search what are the top 25 destinations that have the highest demand within the emirates network to help IFATC controllers choose!

So here is the link:-

Where do you think we will find ATC tomorrow?


Expect Heathrow crowded :)


Yes it will be the busiest!


Expect LAX to be crowded since they’re looking pretty good over there


Well… It is a day specifically made for Emirates. So my best guess would tell me Dubai’l be quite busy aswell.


Be sure to file a flight plan as that helps the see where the demand is.


Great Advice, I will make sure to do one!
Thank you @Chris_S @EthanT2 @J2S


I’ll most likely be at these airports:

  • EGLL
  • KLAX
  • KJFK
  • YSSY
  • OMDB
  • LFPG


Oh Nice! I will be in one of them of course!


Thanks alot @Oliver02 ;)


See you around!