Where can I take plane photos at LAX?

I’m going the the hommie LAX soon and I’m wondering where should I go for some good plane pics. Just so you know I’m going on a trip to Washington Dulles. The flight leaving here at LAX is at 7:something. Right now It’s barely four in the morning. The time I usually get up. And I am flying standby. On United. A320. And the only seats open are middle. Done with that so I won’t need to explain anything. So since United’s terminals are 7 and 8. Where can I take photos? And for a video of a takeoff I’ll find a way.


Googled it and here was the first result looks promising


google is your best friend men ;)


Out the windows


Ask if you can switch with the person next to you when on the plane. It works (sometimes) when your parent isn’t near you. I’ve done that before. I just said I couldn’t have a seat near my mom, but could I switch with you (lady next to me at the window)? She let me.

Through your eyes and a camera, great tools :)

Try on google first, then if help is needed, make a post here

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Ahh Google. I should have used it. Welp. Thanks for the help hommies.


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