Where can I suggest new airports for global?

I want to suggest an airport but I don’t know where to put it. Can anyone help me with this

You can join airport editing team, all airports will be added and I mean all, they will not be the best graphics tho if they have not been edited

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Adding to what he said, the email to join is airports@liveflightapp.com

Because I want to suggest my local airport (it is a kind of small one that only has one flight to Denver)

Not all of them will be edited


My airports code is KSLN

That will be added, Check the GitHub thing

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Ok I can’t wait for global and you can close this now!


You can edit it if it has not edited yet, if not and has been released to Global it will not look too good

Idk how to do that and I am doing this on an ipad

You can’t edit airports in a tablet, you’ll need a laptop or desktop.

The common misconception about Global Flight arises again…
All airports will be in Global Flight, whether we edit them or not.
Worst Case Scenario: The airport does not get edited by an Airport Editor, and it shows up in Infinite Flight, but may or may not be accurately designed by X-Plane 10 default. Runways will be placed in proper positions, at proper headings, but airport layout area not guaranteed to be accurate.
Best Case Secenario: The airport is edited by an Airport Editor and everything about the airport - taxiways, lines, gates, buildings, etc - will be properly drawn and placed.
Your airport will be in the game when Global Flight is released, regardless of if an Airport Editor edits it or not, so there isn’t much use to request an airport.


Well said 👍

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