Where can I suggest an airline for the A320?

Where can i suggest an airline for a320 on this website?

Type in A320 into your search bar and post your request into the thread for liveries! :)

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Always search.

Thank you for at least not making a duplicate topic :)

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How do you paste a topic like that?

Copy the link of the topic and paste it in the reply box:

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Ok thank you! Sorry, I am new! :)

No problem. Welcome to the forums :)!


Please create meaningful topic title. “Help” or “I have a question” applies for all topics; be more specific. If your question is short enough, simply use that as a topic title: “Where can I suggest an airline for the A320?” would have been the perfect topic title. It makes browsing the front page a lot faster for everyone.

Update: fixed it for you

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Is it true that the developers looks att all of the suggestions?

Yes we do look at most of them. A lot are duplicates though. It would really help if ppl followed instructions :)

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I try to most of the time :)