Where can I share my flight schedule for the week

Title says it all! Thanks in advance :)

Flight schedule…?

visible confusion

I’m assuming you mean if you make yourself a schedule for the week of routes you want to fly, if so, you can share it like anywhere…

Can you clarify a bit? :)

I am not 100% sure what you mean, but if you want to do a group flight for your schedule, you would have to announce them in the #live:groupflights category. Please keep in mind that this is only possible at a certain time before the respective flight (I believe it’s 3 hours in advance), so please have a look at the category guidelines before creating a topic there as I am not 100% sure myself. If you are referring to something else please let me know, thanks!

I mean where can I share my schedule so people can fly with me.

I made a schedule that follows the ATC Schedule. I wanna share it so people can choose if they wanna fly with me.

You can make a #live topic and then you can share it!

Well in that case, I would follow what @JulianB posted and make a post in #live:groupflights before one of your flights. That’s your best bet if you want someone to join you, or maybe post it in the Slack of a VA you are in, etc. However keep in mind if people can’t come you can always fly by yourself :^)

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I’m not part of a VA tho

well ok, then… obviously that wouldn’t apply to you…

I’d say just post it about 3 hours in advance before takeoff in #live:groupflights

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