Where can I perhaps the subscription?

when I tried to log in with my google account, it said: “No account associated to this profile was not found in the system.” and I know that I have to buy a subscription for my account then I can log in to the game, but the thing is how I can perhaps the subscription without login to the game?? I couldn’t find any way to do that.

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Don’t tap “I already have an account” and tap Continue instead :)

You’re being prompted to log in as you most likely are tapping that you already have an account.

there are only two options, continue with facebook and continue with google. No matter which option I use, I can’t log in.

Can you go to “About” on the main screen or under Settings and check which version you have? It’s displayed in the top left corner.

it’s 19.2.7157.41608

So, what do you do when seeing this screen? Where do you see “Continue with Facebook or Google”? :)

Because I already have an account, so I have to click “use another account”, the google and facebook login options showed after that.

Then you have an account which is not linked to Facebook or Google. Do you remember the last known callsign & display name?

I just solved that, because i have two google accounts in my phone, one of them was perhaps subscription , so the game will display that would you like login in with the account which is already linked to the game system. If I clicked “use another account”, I have to login with Google or Facebook account. The way to solve that is I have to delete the Google account which has a subscription, and restart my phone, then the screen you showed to me will displayed. I hope you guys can solve this situation.


It’s not something to solve. The subscription is tied to the store account by default. That’s nothing we control.

But to offer our users to use their subscription on other devices, we have the option to link the in-app account to a Google or Facebook profile.

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That shows up when you click on the “log in” button in the top right corner.

It was a leading question ;)

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