Where can I get a Cessna 172 Checklists and Diagrams?

Since I am flying a Cessna 172 on Wednesday, where can I get a checklist so that I can get familiar with it? I also need some important checklists such as:
-Emergency Procedures

I still need to print out important papers.
I printed out:
-Nashua Municipal Airport Diagram (KASH, up to date)
-All RNAV approaches for Fitchburg Airport
I need:
Fitchburg Municipal Airport Diagram (preferably PDF)

I am trying to prepare myself and I since my brother is going to pilot the plane back to Nashua, he is also studying everything I printed. Thanks :)

Have you tried google…


Go downloaded the A2A 172 manual. It’s for a sim aircraft but its pretty realistic. If not just look up pilots handbook 172(insert model letter here)

Check this out :)


Very Interesting. Can I use this for my preflight?

Sure! Have a great flight!

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Unless the instructor asked you to do that, I advise you not to bother yourself with this. Just work a bit on the theory (airfoils, flight controls, instruments, aerodynamic phenomenon) and you’ll be fine.

The instructor will explain everything you need to know, and will likely do the checklist (take-off, cruise, landing and abnormal checklists must be known perfectly and I doubt he asked you to learn them all). Concerning the charts, he will likely print it for you.

Have a nice flight!

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I know, but its just to study them :) I want to be prepared

Well if you really want to do it, get yourself ‘Garmin Pilot’ on the App Store. You’ll find reliable charts and real-life checklists there. Just use the demo version.

I use it for my flights, it’s amazing.

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