Where can I found my profile link?

Title says all, thanks in advance.

Just copy the URL on your profile page

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How do I copy it?

Are you on a mobile device using the Discourse Hub app? I’m not sure you can get the link if you’re on the app. Try opening your profile page via a web browser.

What device are you using?

IOS using discourse app

Mobile device:

Hold down on the link, click “copy”


Right click link, CTRL + C or click “copy”

@Thunderbolt links can’t be grabbed through the mobile app. @Edoardo_C try opening the forum through Safari, Google, Chrome, etc. Go to your profile page and follow @Thunderbolt’s steps above. Hope that works!

Thanks but where’s the link


Does that work?

No, it doesn’t. I will try from safari.

Perfect, on safari works. Thanks all for helping! Can be flagged for closure.