Where can I find the support?

Hello, I need very Fasten a support member, where can I find a support member?

Right here right now!

Can you help me?

Course we can, what’s the issue?

I get a report, but I don’t know why

Can you check your logbook and tell me who the controller is?

Yes can tell you that. One moment

Contact @Airbus_Driver
He was the one who reported you, controller can explain why you were reported:)

Ok, I do that

Can he withdraw the report?

It will be discussed in a Pm with yourself and him. If it was accidental then yes. If if wasn’t accidental then no.

Depends. If it’s a mistake from him, yes. If you dispute it validly, yes, if not, no.

I fly very normal

Really shouldn’t be more discussion on the matter as none of us know why. Only the controller does. He will be in contact with you when he’s next active.