Where can I find support?

I have a report from ifatc for taxiing without permission. I found a thread while waiting for more than half an hour for ground to reply for my taxi request. The request said that after an extended period of time you may taxi and move onto the next stage of departure. I am frustrated after I was nearly alone at the airport and there was no valid reason for report. As soon as my taxi began I was immediately reported even though I waited over 30 minutes too taxi. This doesn’t seem fair, but I would like another opinion. Thanks

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You can messge to @reports for any ghosting/report stituation.

I am not saying that’s normal but if it was extremely busy, i’ve had to sit at the gate for 45 minutes. It happens. And if this was over a week ago, there’s nothing that can be done about it. But however, if not please utilize what @Gabe_Z has said above:)

hey man I have been there before, and to be honest it is purely a controllers decision, I would suggest just rolling with the punches and wait about a week

It is always suggested to contact the controller who ghosted. The whole point of a report is to learn from a mistake, to it shapes you as the pilot, and reduces the workload on the controller, so less misunderstandings happen, and more enjoyment of the simulator can take place.

Not messaging the controller will mean they will never understand the reason of their report, meaning they are liable to making the same mistake, which affects everyone negatively, from the pilot himself, the controller, and other aircraft around.

Thank you for your help

My subscription ends In less than a week and I cannot afford another offer. Not trying to be a cry baby but I want to squeeze all I can out of this experience.

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I see what you mean, but when you come back with a new SUB, your report will be gone and you can have a new slate. In training server, you can also be setting a role for what realism is and try your hardest to stay real. I hope the best for you, and I hope everything works out for you!!!

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