Where can I find altitude based real world wind speeds to help with IF?

Anyone know where to find current wind speeds in different altitudes? I want to create faster routes on IF

I know about Windy, but I’m trying to find something more detailed that can layer different wind speeds based on the elevation, unless Windy does that and I just don’t know. This would help with creating a faster route on IF, anyone know any sites or apps?

on windy you can change the altitude to show the winds at that altitude im pretty sure


Yes on windy, once you open the map on the lower right corner there are 3 horizontal bars. Click on them, and you’ll be able to search the altitudes you want. Then tap on the screen and it’ll create a “pin” and you’ll be able to move that around and it will display current wind speed.

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If you select detailed Navlog and detailed flight maps when creating a Flight Plan in SimBrief, it’ll show you all the wind aloft you need.

The bonus is that Simbrief plans the best route for you, so you won’t have to plan it yourself ;)

You can also change the cruise speed (when applicable) or select a different CI (Cost Index) to make your trip shorter or longer.

(SimBrief is free of charge and the best FPL generator out there)

I hope this helps.

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