Where can I find a list of flap settings for different planes at different speeds/weights?

Title says it all, help appreciated.

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im looking for that too, havent find one yet. just use the experience of each plane with each flaps setting and speed

depend on the weight as well

Look at some of @Sturmovik’s tutorials


Following on from the Cap, just check the tutorials category…

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Boeing 777-300 maximum flap extension speeds.
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Have in mind, that the speeds for the flaps are the maximum speeds at which they can be extended. For landing, each flap speed section is calculated by the Flight Management Computer, something we lack here in IF, so you should fly each aircraft individually and find the best flap setting/weight combination.


Some aircraft have speed and flap limits in the cockpit!


Thanks! This is great.

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Dash 8 has infirmation below the left and right side windows

This would be an infinite combination.

On board computer actually calculates it for every flight.


checks display
iPod crashes

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Yes that’s common with all aircraft. This doesn’t instruct you when you set flaps it shows info regarding what must be done for you to put down flaps. That’s basic a definition.


200kts - Can set Flaps 5%
180kts - Can set Flaps 10%
160kts - Can set Flaps 15%


Great find!