Where can I find a full ATC tutorial with all commands explained?

I know the basic commands, like requesting pushback, taxi (to the current runway/specific runway), contact tower when ready, requesting take off, holding short, line up and wait, take off immediately, transition (?), but I need something with more depth, with the commands for each type of controller (Ground, Tower and Approach) explained thoroughly.

There’s really not a “one stop shop” for everything. My advice would be to stick with flying in Playground and add you run into different situations just do the search on the forums and it should answer them for you.

Once you feel comfortable that you’ve got everything down then give advance a go.

I just want a definition of each ATC command. Te be sure I’m using the correct one.

This may be a good start. It goes over the commands but is not a step by step order of what to request since there are too many variables. While flying or on the ground, pay attention to what others are asking to get yourself familiar with the commands.

This is an example of a simple flight with ATC.

  • Plan where you are going. Do a flight plan, look at where you are landing and what direction the planes are going.
  • Request Pushback
  • Request Taxi
  • Request Takeoff (Know the difference of what remaining in the pattern in)
  • Airborn request departure to the North/South/East/West.
  • Happy flying - Following ATC directions if needed. Look ahead and see if your destination winds have shifted and runway use changed.
  • Start to descend. Contact approach if there is one and follow instructions.
  • Contact tower and announce inbound.
  • Fly to assigned runway
  • Listen to controllers instructions upon landing
  • Contact ground to ask for runway crossing if needed
  • Ask ground to taxi to parking.



I think that requesting departure is not needed if you are not doing pattern work and then want to depart.

I think you already get cleared to depart to North/East/South/West when you ask for departure.

Not 100% sure here, but this is the way I learned it, I rarely even have people send that command…

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I used the departure before being airborn. Guess its not of much use then?

I think it’s enough with asking for takeoff to your direction, you do not need to request it once again, I think.

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look them up one by one and fully understand them

Samuel you are correct. There’s takeoff departing, and then once you are in the air requesting departure. Either will work. Usually I see the in the air request done after a few patterns or the pilot changes their mind.

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That’s correct it’s really annoying when people do. Just like when they request remaining in the part and depart without stating they are departing

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