Where can I find a 707?

For example, I have seen a 717, 727’s 737’s a 747 a 757 a 767 a 777 and an 787 in RL
All I need to see is the 707, can you help?


@Boeing707 can most likely help you.


See them every now and again in San Diego. You can definitely find a few flying almost daily out of Macdill in Tampa, Fl.

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Any possibly in Seattle, Vancouver, or Fairbanks AL. Possibly flying there soon.

Not sure, but like @Dennard_Xavi_Johnson said, some are seen every now and then in San Diego.

I have no idea, I’ve seen the omega 707 near Pendleton in San Diego and that’s about it for 707 action on the west coast I presume

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VC-137B is at the Seattle Museum of Flight. I got to go on it!

You’re a couple years too late for the last commercial 707-Saha Airlines retired their last 707-320Cs in 2013 when they went belly up. The planes continue to fly with the Iranian Air Force.

Now for commercial service, there was a 707-320F operating in Bangladesh in the late 2000s but I haven’t heard about any of it since so I won’t comment on that. Likely some 707s operating illegally in Africa-Some Antonov An-8s continue to fly there illegally so there’s potential for some 707s there too.

For military, it’s not that difficult. The USAF operates a couple hundred for fuel tankers (Some more uses too). Last time I saw a 707 was at Pease Int’l Airport or whatever it’s called now. It was parked adjacent to the pax terminal. More 707s deeper into the base. What you need is good timing and a good location. Easiest ways to find the military 707s are to hope that one is present at the commercial airports that also host military aviation. Otherwise, keep an eye out at your nearest military base. Tankers are known to occasionally fly into regular commercial airports that see quite a bit of commercial traffic (Albeit not often). Not sure what the statistics are for these, but I tend to see more photos of tankers in European airports. Of course, other AFs use 707s still too.

There are some other uses but they are marginal:

Omega Aerial Refuelling Services:

They are contracted to refuel planes. They own a pair of 707-320s (I think they are of the C model) that they use out in Cali. They lost a B a couple years ago :(. The planes are trackable, at least some of the time on FR24, I’ve found one once.


AFAIK, John Travolta’s 707-138B was grounded recently so that’s a no-go. Such a shame.

Congo has a 707-120B operating for the gov’t. Seen at JFK last year for UN Weekend. Not sure if it came this year.

Iran has some gov’t 707s, likely some others. Not sure the rest though.

Missing the 717, 777, and 720.

Update: About the 720s, the short “younger brother” of the 707, none remain in service now. In museums only


And of course there are the museums. That;s an easy google search though.

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How could I forget those, I’ve flown a 717 and seen the China southern Cargo 777 at Seattle.

Visit Qantas founders museum longreach Queensland Australia there is one of 4 remaining 707-138s (John travolta’s 707 is a ex Qantas 707-138 as @Boeing707 said)

There’s a cockpit of an El Al 707 in the Cradle of Aviation Museum on LI

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The Ronald Reagan presidential library in the Los Angeles area has the old Air Force 1 (a 707) in it.

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The Udvar Hazy Center right outside of Washington DC and directly under the approach path for KIAD has a 707 prototype in it

I remember seeing that cockpit years ago!

Now it’s covered in glass. I remember when you were allowed to sit inside. Now you can only look through the glass

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Warner Robins, Ga. They fly pretty much on a daily bases out of RAFB.