Where can i expect higher turbulence?

I just got the 1 month membership and would like to experience cruising through high crosswinds, are there specific places where wind speeds are high or is it randomized? (Sorry I started playing a week ago) Thanks!

As Infinite Flight uses real life wind data, Iā€™d recommend windy.com and using the altitude slider to find what works best for you

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Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, then you will get some turbulence. Also just take a look at www.windy.com . Infinite flight haves live weather conditions, so that app could help you :)

Ah lol. We are using the same app :)

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Most turbulence are over US states, over Japan or over Atlantic. As most people mention above, Windy is very helpful.

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Once, i got 120kts wind (with turbulence, gust etc) on EGLL - EHAM (El Classico) route.šŸ›·

You can experience high turbulence way to Japan, S.Korea, China from US or Canada

Meet my little buddy, BadBadWeather

This collects the absolutely worst flying conditions in the world right now and since IF mirrors real world weather you can go experience them for yourself.


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