Where are you traveling to in 2020?

Maui for sure and then either Kuai, Lihue, or the big island.


By May 2020 I’ll be traveling to Panama, unfortunately I won’t be going there for these holidays. I have no other travels planned other than that one.


2020 is super busy for me, New York in March, Alaska in May/June, and Germany and/or Denmark in December. Super busy but fun year coming up! I can’t wait to travel the globe again!


Not much in 2020, going down to the Warbirds over Wanaka airshow in April and that’s it for now. But 2021, oh 2021… I’ll be out of school and dad and I are going on an 8 month trip around the world. It’s gonna be crazy.

I’m going to live in Seoul for about 5 weeks and then travel to Southeast Asia for a few weeks!

I might go to Daytona, maybe not, but otherwise I might go to Portugal again on this bird!

Oh, and this is the regular NEO, not the NEOLR. I might fly on the CS-TXA, TXB, or TXC planes since they are LR variants.


Oh ganna add going to England, basically all over the world lol

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Washington DC and Jacksonville in January!
I’m trying out the American A330 in Premium Economy as well as the new JetBlue cabin!

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Going to Vietnam next August for my mates 30th. Can’t wait because I finally get to fly Vietnam airlines which is one of my favourite liveries. Most likely will be the A350 😍

Im going to Oshkosh as well and heading over to Las Vegas too

First I’m taking a trip to Europe in March (London, Cornwall, and Paris)

Then I may go to Oshkosh 2020, still discussing stuff with EAA

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We haven’t fully planned, but Utah to go skiing, england, and other parts of Europe (we haven’t planned the other parts) and hopefully Oshkosh but I’m not sure

I will be flying to Hawaii in the Summer.


Hoping to go back to thailand

Most likely Atlanta to try the MD-88…

edit: I don’t know why I replied to you, sorry

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I am going to the Civil Air Patrol NJWG Blue Beret Academy at Oshkosh! So excited! :D
Also, I am flying Virgin Atlantic from JFK to LGW on July 18.

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I might be going Denver to Pensacola on Southwest or Denver to Rome on the new Norwegian 787 flight. If I were to fly to Rome it would be my first time going out of North American and my first direct flight that is more than 1600nm.

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NIce. Maui is nice. The Big island is also nice.