Where are you traveling in 2021?

It would depend on my parents choice

If it’s cheaper than making a connection maybe

We already booked our flights so I’m not sure

I have a high chance of going to New York again and visiting the TWA hotel for the first time!

I also really want to visit Intrepid again. Maybe I’ll go to Seattle or/and Vancouver too! (Doubt it though) Can’t wait to fly again, I haven’t flown ages!

Very shocking that DAL only has that flight since it’s hub to mega hub lol

I swear MSP is at least 90% Delta 😂

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SMF is always used as a Hawaii connection flight for SWA 😂

They better fly SNA to somewhere in Hawaii with the 737MAX7 lol
I mean they could just use the 737MAX8 too

The max7 can make PHX-HNL

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I know- I fly the MSP-BOS route a lot and it’s normally 6+ flights per day

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Never mentioned 737MAX7 and Phoenix lol

I’ll finally be back in the skies this summer. In late June/early july I will be flying Frontier Airlines from MSO-DEN and DEN-MSO. Then in late August I will be flying from MSO-BOS and BOS-MSO, not sure what airline or connection airports yet

Me and my Grandma actually have a trip from Johannesburg to Charlotte in November, on Delta’s A350. I’m so excited.

I just came back from KSAV on Allegiant

This month, I’ll be traveling to Cincinnati with United from San Francisco. The itinerary is SFO-IAH (B737MAX), then IAH-CVG (E175). The return trip is going to be CVG-IAD (CRJ2), and then IAD-SFO (B788). Then in June I’ll be traveling from SFO to Beirut with United and Middle East Airlines. The first leg of the flight is SFO-FRA with United’s Boeing 787-9 and I’ll then continue on to Beirut on MEA’s A321neo. The return trip is the same.

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I might travel back to my home country Pakistan this September, fingers cross I do

Due to covid I wouldn’t want to travel to America, so I might be going to St. Maarten! I can’t wait to finally fly on JetAir!!!

(Also can anyone give me some tips and recommendations of what to do and where to go on st maarten?)

My couch. Oh, and back to my bed. Got a return trip! It’s free as well.

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I’m going down to Orlando to see my brother who works at Disney, hopefully I can get on a United flight this time since I normally fly Southwest.

I’ll be heading to Malaga from Dublin in August! My parents bought a house there and I can’t wait! Mostly for the Aer Lingus A330 non stop to Malaga. :D

So far I’ve booked a trip to Alaska and the West Coast at the start of summer!

Aircraft and Flights
  1. PIT-ORD AA ERJ-175
  2. ORD-ANC AA 787-9
  3. ANC-JNU AS 737-700
  4. JNU-SEA AS 737-700
  5. SEA-OAK AS 737-900
  6. SFO-SNA AS ERJ-175
  7. LAX-DFW AA 777-300er
  8. DFW-PIT AA A320

Also hope to travel to Dubai (where I used to live) near the end of summer!

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