Where are you traveling in 2021?

Hello all,
As many of you know, this year has been a mess for the aviation industry all around. Many trips were canceled, airlines lost seats, and retired crucial aircraft to their fleets. Through all of this, air travel has slowly been returning over the past few months. I know many people have already made travel plans for 2021, so where are you going this year? Feel free to share below.


Planning on going from BUF to MCO. Might be going to go Disney World if COVID is better.

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Yayyy, we are returning this!

If this year starts to clear from COVID, I may be able to visit my great grandparents in Macau and Guangzhou on Summer Break, I’ll also be heading to Eagle County (KEGE) on January 14th for my mom’s birthday :)

I also might be able to finally return to my flight school in Seattle in fall in November!


Hopefully either one of the two trips:



I might take some domestic trips as well, such as SFO, ORD, JFK/EWR, BOS, MIA, IAD/DCA, SEA/PAE/BFI, YYZ for @AndrewWu, etc.

(Of course, given the corona situation improves)

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Yes please.

My man you know I gotta hit up EWR (hopefully via Terminal C). Lol

Anywhere and everywhere out of KMDW with work.
Might even let SWA fly me out of KORD. Who knows? 🤷🏻‍♂️


Should be going to STL sometime in April, via CLT or DFW because I always end up on an American flight. Past that, I really have no clue.

Have 3 trips booked for June and July, and assuming the pandemic is better by then, I’ll be flying to Nadi on Fiji Airways, then Delhi on United and Swiss, and Vienna and Zürich on Swiss, Austrian, United, and Edelweiss.

Planned to fly from Los Angeles to Manchester this Summer
And hopefully Minneapolis too
We might fly to Nashville (haven’t decided yet) and South Dakota but both might be driving so who knows 😂
First 2 are definitely flights though

I have Japan planned for late March but I doubt that’s going to happen.

Other than that I will be back at YYZ if the border opens and I will be spotting for a bit at the airport closest to whichever college I commit to on move-in day.

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One definitely, another probable:

  1. American ORD-HNL

  2. (probable) Southwest MDW-SJU

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My aunt is getting married in Spain so we are going to the canary islands where its going to be celebrated!

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Oh nice, when are you going? I’m scheduled to go to Spain this summer.

Some time in April dont know exactly when

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In summer 2021, I have an international trip to Punta Cana, SEA-PUJ, then later we are planning in august of 2021 to go out to KORD for a family gathering

No clue where exactly I am traveling but all be traveling at least 4 times in the summer. I know I’ll be going to Michigan and Missouri in the summer. Then I’ll also be going somewhere for spring break and probably Phoenix in October for baseball.

Nowhere as of right now :(

I have a flight tomorrow from Larnaca to Heathrow (BA663) and then the day after from Heathrow to Manchester (BA1386). After that, I’m not sure but will be definitely flying somewhere else again this year.

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I still have a flight and hotel booked for San Juan from JFK. I have a load of flight credits from 2020. We might look at houses in Florida to buy. Most likely in the Fort Lauderdale area. I also might be going to visit family in Dublin over the summer. Very interesting topic!