Where are you traveling in 2019? #2


In 2019 the possibilities are endless. I am for sure heading to Minnesota the first weekend of February to visit family. The weekend before I am planning to pay $120 to fly to Philly for a day and get myself a Philly Cheese Steak. In the middle of February I want to use my southwest voucher to go to Seattle and tour the Boeing factory one weekend. I will then work my but of earning money this spring and try to go to Europe if my mom lets me. I will also probably make my yearly flight to LAX for the day. LAX is the best airport in the world. I will also be heading to San Diego to visit my dad who lives down there (check out my bio). Will be also setting foot in Orlando for the Floght sim convention. Might also to try to visit New York sometime as well.

Not everything is set in stone but those are the flights that I have thought of. I can do anything I put my mind to.


I may plan to go to Honduras this summer. Probably after my senior year in high school (2021) I will take my first transatlantic flight to Germany.


Still taking this airline. And I still hate it. Talk about turbulence


Heading to Orlando in the Summer for Flight Sim Expo! I might also be going to Oshkosh and a few other airports to spot at hopefully…


In February I’m going to Honolulu with delta airlines SEA-HNL (fingers crossed for Delta Comfort!)


Kona-Kaluia In March on da Air Canada Max!
Hoping for that Free bid Upgrade


End o January, I need go back to Brazil, from South Korea.

RKSI->OMDB (around 9 hours of flight)
(5 hours of connection)
OMDB->SBGR (around 19 hours of flight)


July 2018
ORD-LGW: Norwegian 789 (economy) Hopefully
STN-WAW: Ryanair 738
WAW-LIS: TAP Portugal A319 (Business)
LIS-SFO: TAP Portugal: A330-900neo (Business)
SFO-ORD: JetBlue A320 (economy)


One day I’ll walk to my kitchen, the next to the toilet, the next to my bedroom. Maybe flying from Brisbane to Europe but idk what airline or when yet


Yay you’re transferring in my home airport.


2019 Flights & Ground Transportation:
LAX-TPE (Business) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER) New Year’s Eve flight
TPE-KIX (Economy) (EVA Airbus 321-200)
Osaka-Totori (Rental Car)
Totori-Osaka (Rental Car)
Osaka-Hiroshima (Shinkansen Train)
Hiroshima-Fukuoka (Shinkansen Train)
FUK-TPE (Economy) (EVA Airbus 330-300)
TPE-BKK (Economy) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)
BKK-TPE (Economy) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)
TPE-HKG (Economy) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)
HKG-SIN (First) (Singapore Airbus 380-800)
SIN-HKG (First) (Singapore Airbus 380-800)
HKG-TPE (Economy) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)
TPE-BKK-VIE (Business) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)
VIE-ZAG (Economy) (Croatian Bombardier Dash 8 Q400)
ZAG-SPU (Economy) (Croatian Airbus 319-100)
SPU-ZAG (Economy) (Croatian Airbus 320-200)
Zagreb-Ljubljana (Rental Car)
LJU-SOF (Economy) (Adria Bombardier CRJ-900)
SOF-VIE (Economy) (Austrian Airbus 320-200)
VIE-BKK-TPE (Business) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)
TPE-SIN (Economy) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)
SIN-TPE (Economy) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)
TPE-NGO (Economy) (EVA Boeing 787-900)
NGO-TPE (Economy) (EVA Boeing 787-900)
TPE-BKK-AMS (Premium Economy) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)
AMS-WAW (Economy) (LOT Bombardier CRJ-900)
WAW-KRK (Economy) (LOT Embraer RJ 195)
KRK-WAW (Economy) (LOT Boeing 737-800 MAX)
WAW-TXL (Economy) (LOT Bombardier Dash 8)
TXL-FRA (Economy) (Lufthansa Airbus 321-200)
FRA-TXL (Economy) (Lufthansa Airbus 321-200)
TXL-AMS (Economy) (KLM Boeing 737-800)
AMS-BKK-TPE (Business) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER) Last EVA Boeing 777-300ER inaugural flight from Amsterdam. B787-9 will replace the Boeing 777-300ER after that flight.
TPE-DPS (Business) (EVA Airbus 330-300)
DPS-TPE (Business) (EVA Airbus 330-300)
TPE-ICN (Economy) (EVA Airbus 330-300)
ICN-TPE (Economy) (EVA Airbus 330-300)
TPE-NRT (Business) (EVA Boeing 787-900)
NRT-HNL (Business) (ANA Airbus 380-800)
HNL-NRT (Business) (ANA Airbus 380-800)
NRT-TPE (Business) (ANA Boeing 787-800)
TPE-IAH (Business) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)
IAH-MSY (Economy) (United Boeing 737-800)
MSY-IAH (Economy) (United Boeing 737-900 MAX)
IAH-TPE (Business) (EVA Boeing 777-300ER)


So your going to all them places in 2019 🤷🏻‍♂️


So this is scheduled as of now

Anchorage Alaska
Another Asian country
Victoria Canada
Vancouver Canada
Atlanta Georgia (HAI)


As of now:

Saint Louis (3x)
Los Angeles
Zurich!! ( I’ve wanted to go there for a long long time)


So far booked,
Houston TX
Ft Lauderdale

More will likely be booked


I’ll head up to a boy scout merit badge college to help teach an aviatio merit badge in 2 weeks if all works out well. Then to kbna for a week of “flight training” classes where I will get 2 hours of flight time. Then MAYBE ho to oshkosh 2019 so i can meet IF and see some cool stuff(especially the ga planes cause I’m a ga guy)


Just found out I may be going over to Perth on one of the remaining Qantas 744’s before they retire.


If you visit Faro in May/Summer, your experience will be much better. In April we kinda get a lot of rain, it’s weird. It’s winter and we have clear weather with sun, but when Spring starts the Rain starts…


Hey You coming to Cities in My neck of the woods! Hope you’ll enjoy it here


Honestly no idea about later during the year but as of now im going to Montenegro, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria in March