Where are you traveling in 2019? #2

My parents have been there before but who knows I’m always looking for new people to meet and places to see

I Might be going to North America at the end of the year, My parents said I can go if I buy the ticket and I am completely fine with that. It will be the first time I have left Australia for another country, Really my first international flight.

Busy! Was in R6 mostly. No Australia for us.

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Same as last year, MU587/588 between Shanghai (home) and New York (school) for like 10 times.
This year though, I have the silver membership for China Eastern, the airline I almost always fly with, so I get priority check-in, VIP lounge and priority boarding!
Oh and I’ll take Amtrak for the first time in March down to Philly.

Indeed. DM me when you’re coming, I may be able to meet up!

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Y U no come to KSNA? You where my brother Anakin!

I will be traveling by a bus to my school for 2019

Airline: Bus Company
Route: My House-My School
Flight Time: 0:30
Class: what do you consider back of the bus to be?


Helsinki, Finland on an A350 in February, Faro, Portugal on an A320/21 in April and New York on a B767/B777 in May (all from London)

I do not know what I am more excited for, the wing seat on the A350 or transatlantic on the 767.

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Just started planning another holiday. Its looking like China, Northern Lights or Western Canada. Hopefully my first long haul?

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My mom likes KLGB more 😂

Go tell your mom that KSNA is better right now. Anyways hope you have fun! Maybe my mom will take me to Disney, since we live like 15 mins away from it.

Cool kids class

Sunny KPBI in a short few weeks!

UAE in 6 days!!! 😁 Will be there for a week.

NYC this summer
Missouri in the summer
Grand Rapids this summer @Luke_Sta
Washington DC after Easter For a School trip!
Arizona for Baseball

Boston-Casablanca (if they accept the route(gov’t shutdown problems))

Hey nice! If you’re bored in GR I can tell you some cool places:)

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I’d love to be able to take my father to Ireland for his birthday. But the more likely trip to be taken, unfortunately, would be Disney. Bleh!

I know a lot cuz my grandparents live there. But thanks anyway

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Lanzarote a lot less downgrade then my last summer holiday