Where are you traveling in 2019? #2

Madrid in February, Schiphol in july

Going to Alaska in June on a cruise from Seattle

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I am planning on going to Arizona in April. Me and my dad are planning to go the aircraft boneyard that’s in Arizona.

My first trip is in mid January to Tampa, FL.

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im gonna try @TheCoolPilot & @KaiM

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Going to be visiting the West Caribbean on a cruise in February, Italy and Switzerland in July, Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest in August, and maybe Australia & New Zealand
in December.

A few places, including

  • Mexico in February🇲🇽

  • France in April🇫🇷

  • Nashville in August🇺🇸

  • Calgary in December🇨🇦

These are the places I know of so far, i’m very excited!


Going to Turks and Caicos in July and maybe on a cruise to Mexico, Grand Cayman and Jamaica during Christmas 2019.

I’m flying to MMUN from EGCC. About a 10 hour flight

I’m doing KSJC-KSEA and KSEA-KSJC on January 3 and January 4, respectively

I will do a lot of flights from the Bay Area to KSEA for my braces

I might do some other traveling too like KSJC-KMSP but we’ll see

Either Reno, NV; Santa Barbara, CA or Seattle, WA with a buddy of mine who recently got his pilot license. (No he won’t be piloting the plane, lol)

Probably to SGN or KAUS

Going to travel across South England, from Gatwick. OPO-LGW on Easy Jet’s A320. The rest will be either by car or train

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Have fun on EasyJet.

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In 2019, I will be flying:





Then I’ll be doing this all again in reverse to get home to Melbourne!

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If everything went as planned I was supposed to go to Cancun in February but that vacation is probably dust. Also I might be going to Ecuador in December. Overall, nowhere new 🙃

By plane to Ukraine (Kiev), Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Paris (maybe), Riga. Cruise from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, Doha, Manama. Bus to the Tatra mountains in Slovenia, via Poland (stop over in Krakow). Hiking in the mountains as well. Most likely travelling with car and train throughout Lithuania, specifically Pakruojis, Klaipėda, Kaunas and perhaps more.

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Flying back to Honolulu. Miss home 🤒

Heyyyy, that’s my hood! 👋

Let me know if you guys need help to find nice places to visit in the city. :)


I’ll be going to South Africa during Thanksgiving! I also want to get on the American A321neo so maybe Phoenix. And I always go to San Fransisco, so hopefully I can fly there!