Where are you traveling in 2019? #2


Might go to Las Vegas in April or February@ItsBlitz


Heading to Cyprus, easyJet A320/321 NEO (TBC) in late June.

Then probably going to New York and Washington, followed by a few days on west coast in September before University. Will try and get on the 747’s to JFK before they disappear!


Rome in March (VIE-FCO, FCO-VIE) with Eurowings A320 and Vueling A320.

Hopefully more destinations will come, only this one is booked yet.


Canada, more specifically Niagara Falls, in early June. Looking forward to it as I’ve seen the falls from the US side but not from the Canadian side yet.


Frankfurt, Naples, Munich, Rome, Venice, (all of those on a school trip), and maybe San Francisco with my family


Going to Portugal during the summer, hopefully on the new A330neo :)


Here is my exact iternary for my Easter break

April 21st departure day

April 27th departure day

Might go to Iceland next July too!


Tokyo! We booked a Dreamliner on the way back, so we’ll see how that holds.
Also, Australia! Qantas A380, here I come!


Im so Jelly lol. Never flew on an A380 or B787. Besides, I’ve never seen an A380 in person even when spotting! Have a fun time bro!


Meet me at Terminal 3 🙃


I’m going to be going to Madrid at Easter next year. Via EasyJet


@MacGamer04 Last time I checked it was 0 degrees lol

I’m probs gonna head to England, trying out the new WestJet 787!
Maybe Guatemala for a church thing too


I might be heading down to somewhere in Texas with United this spring. Will see though, might be driving instead:-(


Crazy trips planned for 2019!

First, Atlanta Georgia for HAI! So excited!
Second, Heading over Seas!
Third, Orlando, for FSExpo!
Fourth, Honeymoon! Still debating where lol


I will be flying for sure from BDL-SJU for February Break (5 days)

Probably BDL-STX (connecting in SJU) for Spring Break (7 days)

Probably BDL-MCO for the Flight Sim Expo in June

I will fly from BOS-RHO connecting in Zurich (Whole Summer)

This is probably the most I will be traveling ever. 2019 will be great!


This is going to be my spring break skiing trip. Taking Southwest to Seattle and driving up to British Columbia.


This trip is me visiting my family in New Mexico.


That’s more than likely it for me in 2019!


Feb - Madrid, Spain…Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb, Croatia.
Mar - Manchester, U.K. For a month
After that it’ll just be all over the western U.S.


How was 2018 for yea? You all head to Aussie?


2019 is going to be a real travel year for me. Am going to Paris,London,Bangkok and Phuket 🙌🏼


Might be going to Salt Lake again, and also could be traveling to Aspen next year as well for skiing.