Where are you traveling in 2019? #2

Where are you going? Are you traveling by car, bus or plane? Let us know. Enjoy! There’s a lot of great comments down below!


Where are you traveling to? Let us know!

Are you going to be traveling in 2019?

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Probably somewhere in Canada… I usually bounce back and forth between the US and Canada… If not, I would love to go somewhere In asia :)


I am likely heading somewhere south in the near future because I am seriously done with winter in Calgary.


I just booked a flight today to travel to Europe ! I will depart SFO in mid - April and fly to Amsterdam with a stopover in Copenhagen on a SAS A343 and SAS CRJ900 for 2 days, then Reykjavík with Icelandair on their 76W for 3 days, then back to Copenhagen with Icelandair on their 753 for 3 days, and finally come back to SFO with SAS’ A343 for spring break. I also might go to India for the summer and a few cities in the US, like I have a trip to Seattle in June.


I’ll probably be travelling to Europe! As well as domestically around Australia and over across the pond in New Zealand.

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Going to PHX at the beginning of 2019, Hawaii in march and Boston in June or July


Disneyland in January 1st on an Airplane to Long Beach in JetBlue!

In March I’m going to Hilo, Hawaii with Hawaiian but we don’t know if we are flying to LAX yet for a stopover

In July, I’m going to Macau to visit my great grandma flying the usual route I fly every year, LAS-SEA-Taipei-Macau like last year

In winter, I might be going to New York but I don’t know yet.

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I’ll be in Kona in march

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I will be going to Dallas in February

Paris, London, Normandy, Berlin, Krakow and maybe Vienna in March

Either Hawaii or Australia in July

Maybe southern/central america in December

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Maybe England, Wales & Scotland


Maybe Boston. Would love to fly on Delta’s A350 (to Detroit or Atlanta) again!


I will start 2019 in airplane!!!
Turkish TK89 A330-300 departing from Seoul Incheon on 31st Dec at 23:25 LT to Istanbul Ataturk.
I’m traveling home from Yeosu, Korea


Going to Malaga, Spain in April. Flying on Ryanair 738 from bhx


Not confirmed but MOST LIKELY taking a 24 hour flight from Wellington to New York VIA Sydney and LA to go for Oshkosh 2019 with my uncle (in his C182). I’ll also probably be going to Auckland on a 45 minute hop in a few days. Some other ones may pop up…


I’ll be travelling to Coffs Harbour to see family. cant wait for that. @Adam_S You would be pleased someone is heading to your home town?

If you’re coming to Australia then make sure to stop by Wellington (:


I’m going to Phuket in April. MEL-SIN on the SIA 380 then SIA-Phuket on the SilkAir 320

@natedog508 you must do this :)

So, Cyprus in i think Easter with Jet2 737 then hopefully on the BA 747 or VS sometime this year or next as they are dissapearing then Canada possibly at the end of the year skiing.

Then skip forward to 2024, all round the world for a year! yes, i’m already planning it.
I know, thats sad.

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I might be going to Chicago and will be going to Florida on a Southwest 737-700.

Florida in January, Washington D.C. in February, and moving to Hong Kong (hopefully) in August. All by plane